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"He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God." (Romans 8:27)
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2007 - By His Spirit
2006 - Overcome Earthly Limits
Perfecting The Saints Rally - Lima, Ohio

2007 - Not by power or by might but by my spirit - Zachariah 4:6
Ted Larue 6-21-07
Mike Harbor 6-21-07
Pam Derry 6-22-07 (to the women)
Mike Kover 6-22-07
Steve Doty 6-22-07
Jay Wilson - Status of American Education 6-22-07
Don Malinowski 6-23-07
Eileen Hartman 6-23-07 (to the women)
Mike Harbor 6-23-07
Steve Doty 6-23-07
Mike Kover 6-23-07
Jay Wilson 6-23-07
Jeremy Wilson Synopsis 6-24-07
Sue Doty 6-24-07 (to the women)
Jay Wilson 6-24-07

2006 - Groundbreaking Propolsion System to Overcome Earthly Limitation
Mike Hartman - Fasting (Nehemiah 8)
Jeff McGraw - Ezekiel 22:30 - The Battle
Mike Neville - Discipleship (Part 1)
Mike Harbour - Christ In Us, Christ As Us, Christ Through Us
Sue Doty - The Gravity of Sin (Spoken to the women)
Jay Wilson - Romans 1 - Establishing the New Testament Books
Jay Wilson - What image of yourself do you have?
Jeff McGraw - Christian Education
Steve Doty - Image is Everything
Mary Hartman - What Causes The Church to Succeed (Spoken to the women)
Mike Harbour - II Cor. 3:15-17 Christ In Us, Christ As Us, Christ Through Us
Steve Doty - The War, The Christian and the Enemy
Mike Neville - Discipleship (Part 2)
Brian Crow - Overcome
Pam Derry - Physical vs. Spiritual / Temporal vs. Eternal (Spoken to the women)
Jay Wilson - Do You Know The Way To Zion?

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